Software Engineering

Crafting a variety of custom, quality software solutions using cutting-edge methods and tools to ensure continuous delivery.

Digital Cloak’s expertly crafted and executed software solutions are designed to seamlessly optimize every facet of your organization’s operations. By doing so, we empower your users to channel their efforts into key aspects of your enterprise or mission, fostering growth, expansion, and progress.

Digital Cloak has extensive experience working with the Department of Defense (DoD), the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), other government agencies, and commercial businesses. Our expertise in multiple technologies, various web stacks, and multiple programming languages enables us to be technology agnostic. This means that our focus is on developing solutions that best fit our clients’ needs, not selling or re-selling specific technologies.

Experienced Software Engineers

Software Development Lifecycle

When developing or maintaining solutions for our clients, Digital Cloak implements the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) using an Agile approach. The image below shows our general approach for our software engineering projects. We modify our method as needed, establishing a schedule and a sprint cycle that reflects each client’s project and preferred operational rhythm.

1. Plan

Plan – Our team meets with you to elicit requirements, set goals, and identify potential risks. We then devise a set of business goals, specifications, and high-level risks that could inhibit the project’s success.

2. Analyze

Analyze – We organize the requirements, goals, and risks into a definitive plan. This plan varies depending upon the solution, but we may translate functional requirements into system requirements, develop use cases, make technology choices and identify development tools, review how to best integrate the planned solution into an existing technology infrastructure, and/or review cyber security goals and methods.

3. Design

Design – We design the solution architecture and page mockups.

4. Implement

Implement – We develop the code based on the outcomes of the earlier steps.

5. Test

Test – Our team deploys the solution to one or more test environments, testing all aspects of the code. We ensure that the solution is functioning as expected and the security design is sound (i.e., not vulnerable to attacks).

6. Maintain

Maintain – We deploy the solution, update as required,  troubleshoot issues, modify functionality, and ensure reliability. )


Geospatial Engineering

Elevate your organization’s capabilities with tailored Geographic Information System (GIS) solutions, meticulously crafted by Digital Cloak. Our skilled team harnesses cutting-edge technologies and GIS design principles to craft cartographic products. These solutions not only store, manage, and analyze your date but also seamlessly distribute it, aligning perfectly with your unique organizational requirements.

Read more about our Geospatial capabilities, including specific client case studies.


Custom Applications and Portals

Unlock the potential of Digital Cloak’s custom applications and portals, offering unparalleled advantages for any organization. While these solutions deliver substantial benefits, their true power shines when catering to diverse skill sets and geographically scattered users with unique interface needs. The exceptional scalability and federated nature of our solutions guarantee unwavering security and reliability.

Today’s web applications stand as formidable counterparts to traditional client-server systems, boasting intricate, multi-layered architectures that go beyond eye-catching browser interfaces. The richness of these applications comes with added intricacies and can lead to elevated costs. That’s why the expertise of seasoned professionals is paramount in crafting and constructing these solutions – there is no one-size-fits-all answer.

Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR/AR)

One of the most frequent questions we hear is, “What is the difference between VR and AR?” We’re glad to be asked, because these areas of immersive technology are closely related but not the same thing. VR projects create an entire virtual world for users to interact with, usually stimulating both vision and hearing. AR blends virtual reality and real life, often overlaying graphics and animation on top of real-world environments. Whether or not you use VR, you probably use AR frequently without thinking about it. Have you ever used an app to try on something virtually (like new eyeglasses)? You can thank AR for that convenience.

We invite you to unleash the potential of immersive technology with Digital Cloak. We can craft impactful products to help you meet your business and training objectives. Our expertise enables us to seamlessly merge the physical world with the digital realms or overlay intricate information or imagery onto your existing perspective.

The possibilities are endless.