Digital Engineering

Assisting our clients with implementing sound Digital Engineering practices, with key expertise in IT architectures and cybersecurity.

The Department of Defense (DoD) defines digital engineering “as an integrated digital approach that uses authoritative sources of systems data and models as a continuum across disciplines to support lifecycle activities from concept through disposal.” The DoD seeks to meet five goals it outlines in its Department of Defense’s (DoD) Digital Engineering Strategy—five goals whose achievement will ultimately modernize defense systems and prioritize speed of delivery to all U.S. warfighters.

The fourth goal of the DoD’s Digital Engineering Strategy is to “establish a supporting infrastructure and environments to perform activities, collaborate, and communicate across stakeholders.” This goal requires expertise in developing advanced IT infrastructures that support cybersecure, trusted systems. That’s where Digital Cloak can help.

Digital Engineering: In a Nutshell

According to the Department of Defense’s (DoD) Digital Engineering Strategy dated June 2018, “digital engineering has empowered a paradigm shift from the traditional design-build-test methodology to a model-analyze-build methodology.” When applied correctly and consistently, “this approach can enable DoD programs to prototype, experiment, and test decisions and solutions in a virtual environment before they are delivered to the warfighter.”

When we adopt a digital engineering approach, we do much of the same analysis we’ve always done without the strict linear and stove-piped methods we’ve used in the past. The overall goal is to develop complex systems using a cost-effective, efficient, scalable, and repeatable approach. It requires a change in methods and tools, yes, but it enables more agile decision-making and quicker, better support to those who need it most.

To learn more about this initiative, you can download the DoD Digital Engineering Strategy here.

How Digital Cloak Can Help

As noted above, Digital Cloak specializes in the IT component of Digital Engineering. You can read more about our key strengths in this area on our Virtual Infrastructure page. Digital Cloak also specializes in assisting our clients with management of the various risks associated with enterprise design and infrastructure. You can read more about some of our key strengths in this area on our Mission Assurance page.