Cybersecurity Support

Providing individualized cybersecurity support solutions designed to minimize risk to daily operations and maximize data security.

Digital Cloak provides cybersecurity lifecycle support that is seamlessly integrated into all aspects of system or application design, development, implementation, and maintenance.

Digital Cloak’s specialized cybersecurity teams are small and highly skilled. For each client, we provide a tailored and individualized cybersecurity support plan for data management and processing operations that directly supports and addresses that client’s needs.

Experienced Cybersecurity Team

Issues That Can Be Solved With Cybersecurity Support

When a client engages Digital Cloak to help with their cybersecurity lifecycle support they are usually seeking expertise that will address system or data security, compliance requirements, and/or subject matter expertise when assessing new acquisitions.

Digital Cloak’s Cybersecurity Support Process

Digital Cloak doesn’t have a single, boilerplate approach to cybersecurity support services. No two clients are the same, so each approach will be as distinctive as the results. The specifics of an engagement are determined by the unique desires, goals, requirements, and challenges of each client when they engage Digital Cloak.

Once the client’s goals and desired results are determined, we devise a specifically tailored action plan.

Digital Cloak’s Cybersecurity Services Connect With Our Other Services

Cybersecurity isn’t a standalone service. Every organization has some degree of an inherited cybersecurity component.

Because Digital Cloak is a such a small, tightly knit company comprised of teams who work together closely, we’re able to offer several complementary or tangential services that directly (or indirectly) involve the cybersecurity lifecycle.

Some of the key aspects of the cybersecurity lifecycle are threat-modeling, risk management (Enterprise and systems), vulnerability assessments, training, software development, and digital engineering.

Why Choose Digital Cloak for Your Cybersecurity Needs

At Digital Cloak, we believe in collaboration and teamwork. We believe in creating partnerships within our own small teams, and we believe in developing partnerships with our clients. The rationale behind this belief is that in creating such a close partnership, our clients are able to be the star of their own story.

We also guarantee that you will come away with enhanced decision making abilities and strategies, increased online privacy, heightened security, and incredible reliability.