Threat Fusion

Working in coordination with multiple law enforcement agencies and the Intelligence Community (IC) to protect our client’s assets from a wide range of threats from terrorists, criminals, or foreign hostile actors.

Digital Cloak’s Intelligence Analysts work as Threat Information Analysts, Suspicious Activity Reporting Analysts, Criminal Intelligence Analysts, Open Source (OSINT) Analysts, and Liaison Officers (LNOs). We work closely with law enforcement agencies from all sectors in order to receive, fuse, analyze, and share threat information and assessments.

Digital Cloak’s analysts have decades of combined active-duty military service, law enforcement experience, and intelligence experience. This means that our analysts are primed to provide Indications and Warnings (I&W) of terrorist activity threatening our clients and their assets. Our analysts are experienced and flexible multitaskers who excel at working in demanding, fast-paced environments such as Fusion Centers and military watch centers. They can quickly obtain all relevant threat information and distribute it throughout the protection community to immediately answer all time-sensitive requests for information.

Experienced Threat Fusion Team

Typical Client Goals

Our clients come from law enforcement, the Department of Defense, and other intelligence services. We assist them with various types of intelligence products and program objectives, such as:
  •  Analyzing raw data (classified and open source)
  • Criminal Threats
  • Terrorist Threats (Foreign and Domestic)
  • Trend Analysis
  • Surveillance Detection
  • Gap Analysis
  • Force Protection
  • Threat Information
Anti Terror

Analysis of Raw Data

No matter our clients’ mission sets, the common thread is that our clients work with large quantities of raw data that requires analysis to determine if any trends are occurring or gaps exist.

When a client approaches Digital Cloak for help with Threat Fusion, their problems range from information sharing to trend and gap analysis. Some of our clients work in robust communities that aim to share and disseminate time-sensitive information while avoiding duplication of efforts and adhering to policies and guidance.

Anti Terror

Standardized Information Sharing Process

Digital Cloak’s team of analysts have developed a standardized process to streamline information sharing that prevents inconsistent threat information sharing among community members while ensuring the widest dissemination of pertinent threat information possible.

This standardization has assisted our clients at all levels with the receipt and dissemination of threat information in order to better protect their forces, assets, installations, and facilities.

Our analysts have access to, and use, industry leading databases to develop raw data into finished intelligence products, link trends to develop threat patterns, and mitigate information gaps.

Digital Cloak’s analysts are focused on identifying forward-thinking solutions that implement long-range strategic plans for threat information sharing and data analysis.

Your Mission is Our Priority

We employ highly skilled and qualified analysts who are known throughout the industry for the integrity, ingenuity, and desire to make the client’s mission their priority.

Our Process

We adhere to a rigorous process in order to provide our clients with the best asset threat protection. 

  • Data collection
  • Data processing and exploitation (check for accuracy and duplication)
  • Data analysis and production (trend and gap analysis)
  • Data evaluation (determine importance to data/trend)
  • Data dissemination

Security Lies in Continued Client Relationships

We work hard to protect our client’s assets during and after our engagement. We help our clients remain vigilant of the current threat environment and to stay ahead of future threats, weapons, and tactics that may target their assets.

Our Finished Intelligence Products Are Vital to Overall Risk Assessment

Digital Cloak’s threat information analysts process raw data into finished intelligence products. These products aren’t standalone solutions; they are used in conjunction with other risk assessments, threat assessments, and site assessments conducted by other programs within Digital Cloak. We have the capability to provide technical solutions to intelligence problem sets if needed.