Program & Project Management

Executing our clients’ missions, goals, and objectives across a broad scope of programs and projects.

Through our project management activities, we harness the art of guiding teams to accomplish project objectives within the defined boundaries of scope, schedule, and budget. We augment this with our program management activities, adeptly orchestrating multiple interconnected projects or comprehensive programs.

Digital Cloak is a small company comprising highly skilled organizers, thinkers, and creatives. Program/project management is mission-agnostic, so our program and project management team members excel in disciplines across the breadth of management functions. We provide our clients with a roadmap for accomplishing objectives, help manage communications and risk, and complete the process of managing activities throughout a project lifecycle, from start to finish.

How Our Management Team Works

Partnering for Successful Program & Project Management

At Digital Cloak, we believe in partnership with our clients. We have seen countless times that real success comes when we work collaboratively and closely with our clients. We want our clients to be on our team, and we on theirs. Therefore, our clients’ projects become our own, and through that, we ensure joint success.

Strategic Planning & Support

Our strategic planning and decision-support teams are extremely skilled at helping our clients understand their overarching organizational goals. Once we understand these goals, we will create an actionable strategy. Our team can provide you with resource estimates, draw up strategic plans, develop milestones and associated activities, and then help you determine the existing linkages between your objectives and the overarching missions and goals of your larger agency or department.

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Process Improvement

Process Improvement is focused on detailed, yet concise, documentation that clarifies, improves, and de-clutters organizational processes. Our clients ask for repeatability, adaptability, and sustainability of processes. Our goal is to provide those outcomes with the added benefit of knowing that these process improvements will carry over for the long haul and will not be case-specific, but broadly adaptable. We strive to provide our clients with a fully realized process map showing touchpoints, requirements, stakeholders, and outcomes alongside expected timelines and a list of milestones or gateways.