Digital Marketing

We understand your audience—how they think, how they speak, and in turn, how they search.

Digital Cloak offers content marketing to organizations that is highly tuned in to your target audience, resulting in more traffic, engagement, and conversions.

We create customized marketing content based on data insights that are culturally rich and end-user-led. We help you grow your audience, build brand authority, position your brand as a thought leader, and promote landing pages that encourage readers to take action.

How We Do It

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is a core foundation for any successful digital business. We use our cutting-edge technology to ensure we understand Google’s ranking algorithms and optimize websites to reflect this. We create customized marketing copy and long-form content based on SEO insights to increase your traffic.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Management

We specialize in creating custom, highly-targeted, KPI-focused PPC campaigns, driven by the metrics that matter to your organization. Our teams leverage market-leading technology and automation to manage complex and high performance accounts at scale while maintaining rigorous best practice.

Strategy & Analytics

Data & Analytics are vital to your organization’s visibility and success. Our team tracks all traffic and campaign results. We provide you with actionable insights into the impact you are making online. Strategic data gives your organization a highly competitive edge.