About Us

Work can be complicated. Our approach to work isn’t.

Digital Cloak is a company founded on the tenet of “people first” and grounded in the spirit of community.  We recognize that the best investment we can make is in relationships with our staff, clients, and business partners. We’ve endeavored to employ people who are intellectually curious, imaginative, and passionate about their work, while enabling them to apply their expertise to complex problems with the intent to ensure lasting impact in everything we do. By fostering a spirit of community, accountability, and distinction, we seek long-term business relationships and strive to be the kind of company that makes you seek the same with us.

Through our Core Values and our Common Creed, we seek to lead by example, thereby building an unparalleled reputation as a visionary, innovative, results-oriented partner to everyone we work with.

Our Core Values

Our core values define the heart of our company and form the bedrock of our corporate culture. We expect ourselves to exhibit these principles at all times.

Trust & Credibility

Trust is earned through by demonstrating ethical and moral principles through your professional and personal behavior. Credibility is demonstrated by consistent adherence to the highest standards of conduct, transparency, and dependability, including truthfulness, fairness, and respect for people, policies, laws, and regulations.  These qualities provide a basis for ethical decision making and honorable behaviors.

Respect for the Individual

Respect is foundational to maintaining a work environment that affords everyone the ability to actively engage their curiosity and pursue excellence. Respect contributes to creating a harmonious environment where all staff can work together and are treated with dignity and tolerance. Respect is demonstrated by treating everyone with dignity and bringing out the full potential in all of us.


Professionalism calls for commitment, motivation, and dedication in the pursuit of excellence. This includes directing passion for work into bold and visionary actions and decisions that demonstrate competence and mastery of subject matter. Professionalism requires that decisions be made in consultation with the appropriate managerial level and in full compliance with regulations, rules, and policies.

Our Common Creed

We believe that when we live our Core Values consistently, our Common Creed follows almost without thought. However, if you’re wondering what it’s like working for us or with us each day, we have, in fact, given it some thought.

Be Passionate & Bold

We are passionate about our work, and we are bold when we need to be. Visionary ideas embody these attributes.

Display Curiosity

Our inquisitiveness leads to learning and feeds creativity, passion, and success. Innovation is unattainable without curiosity.

Pursue Excellence

We strive for an A+ in every project or task. If something is worth doing, it’s worth doing to the very best of our ability. Great results demand the pursuit of excellence.

Serious ≠ Suits

We do serious work for serious clients. However, we don’t believe that we must wear suits to be serious, unless of course, the occasion calls for it.

Have Fun

We enjoy coming to work and think laughter is good medicine. We try to surround ourselves with like-minded people.