Photo & Video Production

Giving you the best creative content and visual assets through a streamlined production process.

We create a stand-out aesthetic for your organization. Our process is streamlined to deliver the best creative content and visual assets on the market.

Our photo and video production process is smooth and easy. The Digital Cloak production team manages and guides you throughout pre-production, production, and post-production, creating a branded aesthetic that’s unique to your organization.

Production Capabilities

Production Management

Our photo and video production team manages the entire production process for you. We begin with a creative audit that deep dives into your existing assets, branding, chief competitors, and industry research. We then develop a plan for your video and photo production that will take you next level and guarantee you are on brand.

Location and Casting Scouting

Our photo and video team works closely with you to produce your ideal content through a combination of comprehensive shot lists, creative avenues, moodboards, and storyboards. Our team will then figure out the ideal talent and locations for your shoot.

High-Tech Equipment

Digital Cloak uses the best photo and video production equipment on the market. Between the high-tech cameras, A/V equipment, lighting, and close, personal attention, your organization’s aesthetic is guaranteed to stand out among your competitors.

The Final Product

After we finish filming or shooting, our post-production team makes sure that all the finishing touches are put on your photo and video content. We want your final product to be pixel perfect.

Our team strives to create customized content that is not only engaging, but is completely unique to your organization’s brand.