Virtual Infrastructure

Helping our clients hyperconverge their physical footprint into a consolidated virtual environment that slashes Information Technology (IT) expenses, increases efficiency and productivity, and improves resiliency.

Virtualization and containerizing allow Digital Cloak to decouple software, such as operating systems or applications, from the hardware it runs on. The result is an improvement in productivity, scalability, security, and cost. It also results in a healthier planet by reducing the overall energy footprint of your company’s infrastructure, while requiring less manufacturing as well as disposal of fewer physical components.

One of Digital Cloak’s specialties is building and managing virtual infrastructures for small- and medium-sized businesses or organizations, especially those for whom IT expertise is outside of their core business focus. Whether you need Software Defined Networks (SDNs), virtual desktops, servers, or virtualized storage (or perhaps have no idea what you need), our team of skilled, certified engineers can help.

Improve Productivity, Scalability, Security, and Cost

Digital Cloak Relies on a Virtual Infrastructure

Digital Cloak relies on a virtual infrastructure to run our own business. We designed our virtual architecture to ensure that we can provision computer processing, memory, storage, and networking resources as required by our dispersed team members. These needs are delivered through various Virtual Machines (VMs) and Containers, enabling the efficient use of multiple operating systems and applications across a geographically dispersed workforce. This ensures the scalability we need to support our clients effectively by providing reliable infrastructure without requiring costly investments in physical hardware.

We Help You Implement and Manage a Virtual Infrastructure

Digital Cloak can help you establish an IT strategy and management approach that encompasses virtualization. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach, so we start with an open conversation about your organization’s future objectives, known pitfalls, and staffing and budget constraints. We’ll help you establish a smaller, secure hardware footprint, while ensuring that all your necessary business software is accessible to your end-users.

Some of the products we’ve successfully used to implement a virtual infrastructure include:

  • Hypervisors, including VMWare, ProxMox/KVMMicrosoft, and Hyper-V
  • Containers, including LXC, Docker, and Kubernetes
  • Container Management tools, including Rancher and Portainer