Threat Modeling

Identifying high value targets and vulnerabilities to bring focus and precision to the overall strategic planning and risk assessment of an application, system, or program. 

Threat modeling is a specialized exercise. Our goal is to provide a baseline understanding of any probable threats to an application, system, or program. We apply structured analysis techniques to distill the probable threats from the potential threats, and then we develop strategies to reduce, manage, or eliminate the risks posed by those threats.

Digital Cloak has intimate knowledge and expertise in threat modeling that we’ve developed from decades of working in environments that are under high threat levels. We specialize in efficiently and effectively managing and mitigating risks in these types of environments.

Identifying High Value Targets & Vulnerabilities

Threat Modeling is an Integral Part of DevSecOps

DevSecOps is a tactical term that combines the disciplines of development, security, and operations. Digital Cloak’s services are all interconnected, and threat modeling is an important component to the overall DevSecOps approach to system design and engineering.

We Identify Potential Security Issues for You

Undetected or unfixed security issues can instantly compromise and destroy an application, system, or enterprise. When clients engage Digital Cloak, one of our immediate actions is to identify any potential security issues that could compromise an application, system, or enterprise’s overall security posture.

We want to be absolutely sure that our clients understand the overall risks they face and are prepared to allocate resources appropriately for the life of the application, system, or program.

Problems Solved as a Result of Threat Modeling

While there will always be slight differences in goals depending upon the client and their operational objectives, there are frequently commonalities. The primary issues we frequently encounter include:


  • Clients wanting to identify flaws and vulnerabilities with high-value indices and/or medium to high probability
  • Clients needing to be able to prioritize resources in order to mitigate any associated risks
  • Clients needing help to devise corrective action plans that successfully address probable threats